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Sara Beretka

Chair 2023-2026

Sara Beretka has a background in gerontology and has a long history of working with vulnerable children, youth and seniors. She is keen to share her knowledge and experience in her role as Executive Director of TIGP.  Sara started working for TIGP in 2014 as a Community Development Worker facilitating intergenerational social visiting programs in the community and with our long term care partners. In 2016, Sara was promoted to the  Community Development Associate overseeing all Intergenerational Programs and the Seniors Assistance Home Maintenance Program. 

Sara is also a certified Piano Teacher with over 8 years of experience teaching people of all ages the fundamentals of music theory. 

In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She can often be seen taking her dog Oscar for walks around East York or through Taylor Massey Creek.

Sara Beretka
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