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Board of Directors

The Family Place's Board of Directors oversee the governance of the organization. Comprising individuals deeply committed to enhancing the lives of families and children, they bring expertise, endorse the importance of parenting, and aim to foster a community of learning, empowerment, and well-being. Each Director volunteers to serve for the term of 2-3 years.

Current Board Members


Chair, 2023-2026

Sara, with a background in gerontology, has extensive experience working with vulnerable children, youth, and seniors. Currently the Executive Director of Toronto Intergenerational Partners, she's also a certified piano teacher with over eight years of teaching experience.

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Director, 2024-2027

With a career spanning over 15 years in the not-for-profit environment, Jessy is currently serving as the Program Coordinator with Community Programs & Volunteers at CHATS - Community & Home Assistance to Seniors. Jessy has successfully overseen and managed a multitude of projects, each contributing to the enhancement of services and support for the senior community. Jessy lives in Mount Albert with her husband and two sons Wyatt, 6 and Walker, 2.

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Elizabeth Landry

Treasurer, 2014-2024

Elizabeth has been involved as a mom, staff and Board Member at the Family Place since January 2008.  She has experience in the business field, fundraising, event planning, outreach, and currently works with the youth at an elementary school as an educational assistant.  

Ashley Nugent Headshot - Ashley Nugent.jpg
Ashley Nugent

Director, 2024-2027

Residing in Sutton with her husband and three children, Ashley has transitioned from a 9-year career as a mortgage underwriter to pursuing her passion for working with children. Currently a school lunch assistant and soon-to-be full-time student in Child and Youth studies, she's inspired by her own family's positive experiences with The Family Place to give back to the community that supported her.

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Secretary, 2023-2026

Jen has a Master's degree in Education and has worked in education and nonprofit leadership for over 10 years. Her work as Executive Director of Connected in Motion focuses on  families with Type 1 diabetes. A kinesiologist and diabetes educator, she's also active in childhood education. She lives in Mount Albert with her husband and 2-year-old, Dylan.

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Melissa Berridge

Director, 2024-2027

As an insurance broker with a robust background in event planning and children's programming through her work with the town, Melissa Berridge brings a wealth of professional expertise and personal dedication to the table. A first-time mom to 10-month-old twins, she understands firsthand the importance of supportive community services. 

  • What is the term of a Director at The Family Place?
    Directors at The Family Place serve a 3-year term, where possible. After three years, Directors are eligible for re-election. Typically, a term runs from September (at The Family Place's Annual General Meeting) through August of each subsequent year.
  • What is the time commitment a Director at The Family Place can expect to contribute throughout the year?
    Directors of The Family Place should anticipate attending quarterly board meetings, participating in committee work, and dedicating additional hours for event planning and fundraising efforts. The commitment can average 1-2 hours a month, with heightened engagement around specific events or initiatives.
  • In simple terms, tell me about what a Director at The Family Place is expected to do.
    A Director at The Family Place is like a guiding star for our organization. They help set our course, ensure we have the resources to fulfill our mission, and contribute their unique skills and insights to help us make the biggest positive impact in our community. Whether it's making key decisions, supporting our events, or brainstorming new programs, our Directors are hands-on champions of our cause.
  • How many Directors does The Family Place have?
    The Family Place has a minimum of 5, a maximum of 12 Directors.
  • What if I’m not ready RIGHT NOW to be a Director, but I am interested in the future?
    That's perfectly fine! We appreciate your interest in serving our mission. Please stay engaged with our programs, events, and through our newsletter and when you feel the time is right, reach out to us about board opportunities in the future.
  • What skills does The Family Place need most on its Board?
    We are always looking for diverse expertise to strengthen our Board. Currently, we are especially in need of individuals with experience in financial management, legal expertise, sustainability, and development; however, anyone passionate about our mission and willing to contribute their skills is encouraged to apply!
  • Where are The Family Place Board of Directors meetings held?
    Our Board meetings are typically held at our main facility in Mount Albert, Ontario. However, we sometimes utilize virtual platforms for flexibility and convenience.
  • Do I need to be from Mount Albert to be a Board Member?
    No, you don't have to reside in Mount Albert specifically. However, we do prefer if you're from East Gwillimbury or nearby regions. Familiarity with the local context is an asset, but we equally appreciate a range of viewpoints and backgrounds. Your commitment to attending meetings and upholding your duties is paramount, regardless of where you're based.
  • Are Board of Directors paid?
    No, the position of a Director at The Family Place is voluntary. Our Directors generously donate their time and expertise to further our mission.
  • Can I still participate in The Family Place events if I am a member of the Board of Directors?
    Absolutely! We encourage our Directors to be actively involved in our events. Your participation not only shows your commitment but also provides a unique opportunity to engage with our community firsthand.
  • Do I have to have a specific background or qualification to sit on the Board?
    While we don't require Directors to have a specific background, we do value diverse experiences and skills that can help further our mission. Whether you're a parent, educator, community leader, or just someone passionate about our cause, your perspective is valuable.
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